Data: The Modern Currency

Our team of experts teaches and helps you quickly build practical and monetizable Data-as-a-Product (DaaP) solutions.

What we offer

Our goal is to help your organization Build Better Data Insights Faster.

We use a project-based strategy to navigate through the vast breadth of your modern data ecosystem to pinpoint the fundamentals of moving from the traditional systems approach of data as storage, to seeing and utilizing data in motion, or as termed today, “Data as a Product (DaaP)”.

Our goal is not to promote complex and expensive products to fully support critical components of the ecosystem, for example, a [Meta]Data Catalog, a Master Data Management (MDM) implementation, or a Data Governance Framework. We do not see the value in building or involving large teams, having long evaluation times, and incurring significant expenses to see the actual potential of monetizing your data.

Our lean agile focus presents the essential requirements to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) demonstrating practical and usable data insights of your data. Working directly with your staff to identify, prioritize, plan and create your first practical data insight, and enable subsequent data insights, that can be used and demonstrated within your larger organization.

Initial project work identifies and leverages your traditional data sources, covering the importance of Data Governance, [Meta]Data Catalog, Data Lineage, Data Pipelines, Data Storage, Data Visualization, and Data Storytelling. These are essential attributes to understand modern data architecture and the roles and responsibilities of resources within data engineering.

Our Team Data Management Expertise

Data Discovery

Define your Data Lifecycle, Data Lineage and Data Stewardship using Meta Data Management, Master and Reference Data Management to validate your Data Taxonomy and Data Ontology.

Data Governance

Cover your business needs and growth of Data Privacy, Data Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection, Data Security, Data Standards and Data Quality.

Data Acquisition

Identify your Data Sources and deliver a fully managed Data Workflow with Data Pipelines, Data Processing and Data Transformations for timely and accurate Data with reproducible Data Lineage.

Data Insights

Effective Data Insights drive the narrative for actionable Data Driven and fact-based decision-making and communication of meaningful patterns in your data. Effective Data Storytelling is an essential skill.

Data Stores & Streams

Data Stores, Data Streams and Data Storage represent your Data Story capability. We know open source and commercial solutions for your structured, unstructured and Data in Motion Needs.

Data Strategy

Ensure your business invests in Data Principles that foster a cohesive mission producing strategic outcomes and provides the Data Tools, Data Analytics, and Data Infrastructure for your organizations Data Intelligence platform.

Data Architecture

Leverage the correct Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Data Warehouse or Data Lake capability with your traditional Databases to aid in the collection, storage and availability of your Data.

Data ML & AI

Using Data Science to identify and develop advanced Predictive Data Analytics with Data Mining to improve business decisions using Machine Learning (ML).

A Data-Driven Organization

The goal of Data-as-a-Product (DaaP) is to become a data-driven organization. The five key pillars defined by Jordan Morrow in his book "Be Data Driven" outline:

  • Strategy: What are we doing?
  • Leadership: Who owns what we are doing?
  • Data Literacy: Do we have the skills to accomplish what we are doing?
  • Data and technology: Do we have the data, access, and tools to drive data-driven decision-making?
  • Culture: Is the environment ready to succeed with data?

We have designed our methodology to present organizational insights aided by your internal resources, and to enable the evaluation of the larger impact and investment in delivering on these longer-term data-driven pillars.

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